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Making our hand crafted Hash is a labor of love. We use an eight bag hand processing system. Each bag collects a different quality Hash. Full of flavor and terpene rich, American Hash Makers products will get you high every time!



Our Process

At American Hash Makers, we're thankful to those who came before us. That is why we show tribute to ancient methods of extraction while integrating new styles into our hash making process. It was important to us to stay true to the hashish's roots - which is why all of our products are solvent-free. From Port Townsend to Yakima, we have several farms each specializing in our separate styles.

By isolating resin heads using ice and water, the cold temperatures detach the trichomes resin glad around the stalk. The resin is heavier than water and sinks through multiple screens separating the plant material from the resin. This process isolates the different size resin glands according to the size. From there, we sift the resin from each individual screen.

Anything that is dabbable is a 5-star grade or higher. Other consistencies are pressed using Middle Eastern methods from Afghanistan or Morocco. Using heat from light will pressurize the resin caps and coagulate the hash together to create a malleable texture. This hash is perfect for smoking bowls, joints, or by itself.