Franchising Opportunities!

Is your organization looking to add hash products to your existing product line? American Hash Makers is seeking expansion to upcoming cannabis markets and would love to talk to you! To learn more about the value enhancement of hash related products, and how American Hash Makers can increase your organizations’ revenue by $150k annually - click here

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

American Hash Makers is proud to be partnered with the most reputable, reliable, ethically and environmentally sourced farms in the State. These are the farms we work with to produce the best quality buds:

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What our farms are saying:

“Emerald Twist brings experience, science and principles to the cannabis industry.  

Your health, our health and our environment guides our growing practices. Growing in full sun and following all Clean Green standards minimizes our carbon footprint and our impact on the planet. 

We've been growing medical or recreational cannabis since the early 2000's. Our experience has allowed us to master quality while maintaining a clean conscience. Emerald Twist was the first Clean Green Certified recreational cannabis in the United States. “

For more information about Emerald Twist, click here