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Mission, Vision, and Values

A proudly American Hashish company

What started as an idea five years ago has now grown into becoming one of the largest hashish processors in Washington State. Our plan was simple: here’s an extraordinary plant that can do extraordinary things - let’s share it! To date, we have served thousands of people across the state, and we’re just getting started. We are excited what the future holds for our company, and the industry as a whole; but will forever remain true to our initial mission, vision, and values - to serve you an incredible product every time.



Our mission is to use process quality products in a clean, environmentally mindful way. At American Hash Makers, we are a team driven by the same goal: to be personally and socially responsible in our industry. We live by our mission through our integrity with our clients, our initiatives to be environmentally friendly, and positive ways we impact the Washington economy. We are making hash cool again!


Our vision is cohesive with our commitment to growth. American Hash Makers is eager to present a product that is uniquely Washington and eventually, present our strains onto the world stage. We will continue to refine our products (existing and to follow) to maintain a high standard of quality assurance. American Hash Makers aspires every toke is some of the dopest dope that you have ever smoked!


Our values are to be continuously passionate about our craft. What started as a small group of people with a similar objective in mind, grew into a community that spans throughout the state. Raising awareness of the benefits of our industry, educating all stakeholders on how to consume our products safely, and being transparent with our vendors are things we believe. Professionalism, safety, and honesty. We are American Hash Makers.

One day while driving down the road I saw litter; not an unusual thing to see trash, but this time it was a plastic cannabis bag. As a cannabis business owner and longtime stoner, I decided to do my best to keep my brand’s packaging from ending up in our beautiful Washington landscape. I have seen what a large footprint the cannabis industry is leaving. A priority of American Hash Maker’s is to be as ecologically conscious as possible.
— Andrew Kohl, Founder & COO

How American Hash Makers Is Keeping The Cannabis Industry Green

American Hash Makers understands the imperatives of taking a stance against climate change. That is why we are doing our part to establish eco-friendly practices to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Care for Quality of Air

American Hash Makers is the first 502 processing facility that has received tax exemption from the PSCAA (Pudget Sound Clean Air Agency) because our processes require minimal emissions and/or energy output. For more information about the PSCAA click here


Man Over Machine

A major catalyst being the first 502 processing facility to receive an exemption from the PSCAA is because all of our products are 100% solvent-free, and made by hand for your enjoyment. The only machine we possess in our establishment is an ice machine. By using less equipment, we consume less energy and create more jobs for people looking to get involved in such an exciting industry.


Wrap it Up!

By 2020, American Hash Makers is dedicated to ‘wrapping up’ the current way we package our products. Did you know 300 million tons of plastic are produced every year, and nearly half of that amount is intended for single use only? We will erase the unnecessary waste and replace the plastic we use into a more recyclable, sustainable packaging solution.